Interim project Karina – Social City Design (BCN)

Topic and content

Barcelona city is highly attractive travel destination. At the same time it has very international environment including foreign students, migrants from different countries, refugees from Ukraine, expats and many other groups (although it is not accurate to divide them in such a manner). However nowadays the city seem to belong to tourists more than to citizens. Almost no social spaces apart from much-ballyhooed for city guests are explicitly discussed and known. Catalan and Spanish people, students, other migrants, tourists and any other (unfortunately quite separated groups) occupy just certain familiar for them places on the urban landscape.

The idea of the project is to give voice to people who disregard their private sphere forcedly or voluntarily in order to seek for cooperation and solidarity and fight for their human rights which is usually happened on the streets or in some special spaces or for whom it’s just their lifestyle because of the age, circumstances or some kind of tradition. We would like to make these spaces remarkable and reflected not in the service of commerce (as in case of recognized cultural values), but for providing an image of really diverse city with unexpected connections and points and for showing that each person can get a quite diverse ‘big picture’ if he/she doesn’t exclude some places from his/her line of sight. To know and feel the city means to be curious and bold enough to get out of your comfort zone and to enter places where you’ve never been before to refresh your social environment, break borders inside the city and at least be aware of your stereotypes.

We should say that the main focus is adult migrants’ lifestyle, however later it may include teenagers migrants tours, anti-capitalist activist groups’ tours, Gypsies’ ones and others.

Pedagogical approach & method

The idea is still developing however it may be said that the method will be educational and cultural as we will try to explore new city routes in the form of walking tour which is by definition supposed to be educational and cultural activity. It will include preparatory stage of discussing the details of implementation with migrant community and activists who work with them.

Probably in the course of the tours some kind of social map may be designed however such possibility should be properly thought through (for reasons of safety etc.)

Chances are the tours will be video documented.

Pedagogical goals

The goals are bidirectional.

For people with migration background we would like to create a situation in which they will be listened and followed by others, and their personal lifestories and experiences in city spaces (in the city where they are usually invisible or negatively too visible, from where they are excluded) will acquire value for themselves. This feeling they will be encouraged to share.

For all the individuals as citizens and guests of Barcelona we would like to offer a view on the city design as an intersection of people experiences for whom the main activities are carried out outdoors but not in their lovely homes and private lifes whereas being still hardly visible. And actually this is their city more than anyone’s else.

Target group(s)

We will cooperate with migrant community and to organize with them the tours for diverse groups: «locals», tourists, other migrants – for everyone who may be interested in it without any exceptions.


Most probably after each tour there will be a discussion with all the participants and feedback questions.

Local partners

The project will likely be carried out in cooperation with Espacio de Inmigrantes (

Other possible partners:

La Comisión Catalana de Ayuda al Refugiado (

Asociación de Orientación Mujeres Migrantes en Cataluňa (

Timetable & milestones

1) By the middle of July:

discussing details with collaborators, coming up with the tours topics

2) By the beginning of September:

find people to run tours

develop the route of the excursions

run test tours among organizers in order to reveal challenges (because of the city design, places availability, guide license etc.)

promotion, teasers

3) 1st-3rd weeks of September:

conducting walking tours (at least two — one by migrant man and one by migrant woman)

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