Interim project Athanasia – NFE Training for Young Volunteers

Topic and content:

This non formal education training is adressed to young volunteers (17-30 years old) newly involved in the coordination of activities with children 5-15 years old running at refugee camps in Thessaloniki district and elsewhere.

The first part of this 4-hour workshop will focus on activities for getting to know each other and team building activities while the second will introduce the participants to the topic of migration and inclusion through participatory activities on non discrimination, equality, human rights and tolerance.

Pedagogical approach and method:

Non formal education methodology and activities involving the active participation of young volunteers. The first part of every activity will be like a “game” for the participants who in most cases will work in groups, while in the second part of every activity the meaning of the game will be revealed by the participants who, with the coordination of the trainers, will exchange experiences, ideas and feelings on the issues concerned.

Pedagogical goals:

To create a team working in terms of trust and respect

To raise the ability of participants collaborate with each other, expressing themselves to the group on equal terms

To develop understanding on the situation in the camps, getting aware on facts they may ignored before

To motivate participants take initiatives and responsibilities while working with children always in respect to children’s interests and needs

To introduce to participants NFE methodology and educational tools

Target groups:

Young people who newly became volunteers of ANTIGONE and are interested to participate in the volunteers team of ANTIGONE that runs recreational activities for children at the refugee camps (around 20 participants).


The training will be evaluated by participants using NFE fast and inspiring techniques (e.g. the islands or the tree)


The training is going to take place on Wednesday, June 29th from 13.00 to 17.00 at ANTIGONE’s premises.