Interim project David – Non Formal Education Dissemination

Non Formal Education Dissemination


The idea of this project is to introduce non formal education methodologies in the daily work of Doctors of the World – Madrid.

Our daily activity is described according to three groups identified from a human rights perspective:

  1. Right holders, people as subjects of rights.
  2. Responsibilities holders, ngo’s and organizations as owner of responsibilities.
  3. Obligation holders as States, and other actors, as holders of the obligation to ensure full exercise of these rights.

This project its focus on the dissemination of non formal education methodologies working with right holders (peer educators) and responsibilities holders  (volunteers).

It’s interesting to start a week training for peer educators with ice breakers and games to get to know each other. This kind of activities will keep them motivated at the begining of the training and to get to know their colleagues quickly. At the end of this training peer educators will disseminate their knowledge and promote health-enhancing change among their peers.

Not less important is to work with our volunteers their own bias and prejudices. Every year, Doctors of the World Madrid organize a volunteer meeting. This year it will be introduced some non formal education methodologies.


This project will use non formal methods as a tool:

  • To get to know each other in a new training
  • Overcome bias
  1. To encourage cooperation between formal and non-formal education fields into the organization
  2. Raise their awareness on different topics with volunteers .


Peer educators training: Around 35 peer educators. Two different trainings, one for women and another one for men.
Volunteer meeting: Between 15 and 20 volunteers.
–Youngters in schools (still to define)—

Still to define


From June to Sept: Meetings to study how to apply Non-formal education methodologies in the organization.
26 Sept: Participation at the starting session of a peer educators training.
Beggining Oct: Realization of Volunteers meeting. Application of non formal education activities to overcome bias and raise awareness on different topics with volunteers.


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