Interim project Sisilia, Oana, Julia – A suitcase full of memories // A suitcase full of dreams

The workshop „ A suitcase full of memories// a suitcase full of dreams“ was an intensive five day video art workshop taken place in Berlin from the 5th to the 9th of september 2017 with an additional two days final exhibition/ film screening on the 10th and 11th of October during the Berlin cultural festival „ 2 Days Wedding“.

With the help of two artists, youngsters of the Wedding neighborhood produced two short movies where they they themselves created the scripts chose the outfits,did the film shootings and acted in it.

All activities took place in the space of the Berlin house project Prinzenallee 58 (PA 58) in Wedding.

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Goal : Social inclusion through art

The main goal of the project was linked to the theme of “ Migration and Inclusion- Chances and challenges”.

We believe that in order to make social inclusion possible, newcomers and local people (especially children and youngsters) need to get together. Art can play an important role as it is free from language and cultural understanding.

Therefore the goal of the project was to give an open and save space for about eight youngsters of the Soldinger Kiez (neighborhood in Berlin- Wedding) for getting to know each other, for self expression, and to give them chances to experiment with different forms of art. All that regardless their cultural background, their origin or german language skills. Another goal was to give youngsters the opportunity to have a space to reflect on their very own histories, dreams and to express them artistically through the making of a movie.


Methods we used during the workshop consisted of :

Playful group activities ( games- feedback rounds etc.) at the beginning of each day

Artistic mind mapping in order to create impulses and ideas for the movies.

Introduction to filming

Screening of film examples to show in which way the movies could get produced.

Free space to create their very own time to realize the film scripts.

Music for the ambiance

Possibility of dinning together at the end of the workshop


Berliner Tafel: Food donations

Aktionsfund Soldiner Kiez: Money for project

PA 58( House project): Workshop space

Theaterfabrik Berlin : Technician and technical support

Cristina: video artist

Tatjana : stage designer


The workshop was a success.

In the end up to ten youngsters participated greatly during the week and produced two short silent movies of max 2 min. -“ I love you” and “the crying horse”.

We had a two days open exhibition with the constant screening of the movies and with artifacts produced during the workshop.The youngsters were happy with the movies and proudly presented them to their families and friends…

Visitors appreciated the work… & we were exhausted but happy ?

Here some points we would like to discuss

“Target group”:

How to reach the “target group”? And in case the “target group” is heterogenous- how to make them more interested in meeting the “other”?

We tried to reach these youngsters by inviting them via their youth house, living projects and refugee camps ( always in contact with a responsible).But regardless our engagement we were not able to mix youngster from the the different organizations. Although all together ten youngsters participated, they all came from the same camp and already knew each other (which wasn’t bad at all…but nothing intended)

How to label youngsters in a correct and respectful way?

We labeled the youngsters as “ youngsters with and without refugee background”. After a while, it didn’t sound right to us anymore. Is it necessary to label youngsters as youngsters with refugee background and by doing so create an opposition

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